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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Love Simply Jam and just don’t know what to do with the empty jars?  Don’t throw them out or put them in your recycling bin! We suggest having some fun and making this fantastic teal light candle jar!

Before you start, it’s best that you remove the label and run your empty Simply Jam jars through a dishwasher cycle!

Create a fantastic tea-light candle holder with this fun project:

Items you need:

Simply Jam Jars

Leaves (real, fake – cut out from napkins or from local craft store)

String or

Modge Podge (can buy at your local craft store)

Recycling Jam Jars
Recycle your Jam Jars

Sponge brush

First, you want to wipe the outside of your jar with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any grease or debris that you can’t see and helps the leaves to stick to the jar.  Please note that freshly fallen leaves that are pliable work the best as do fake leaves.  Leaves that are too stiff will not work! 

Dip your brush in the modge podge and paint a very thin layer on the Simply Jam jar.  The layer will become sticky – when it does, place a leaf on the Simply Jam jar and paint modge podge over the leaf in a thin layer.  Add another leaf and repeat the same process putting a thin layer over the leaf. Starting in the center of the leaf and brushing out.  You can use your fingers to smooth out the leaves as you put them on.  Layer the leaves and be creative!  It will take 4-6 hours for the jars to dry completely but once they are finished, you can spray the jars with a clear varnish to help the leaves stick better once the Simply Jam jars have dried. 


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