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It's all about the Jam

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Cranberry and Hot Pepper Jelly
Cranberry and Hot Pepper Jam

Simply Jam’s pepper infused jams are simply the best!  You can use our jams many different ways and we have some great ideas for you below! 

Don’t be shy try all of the flavors using these ideas! 

10 great ways to use Simply Jam’s jalapeno jam:

   Use Simply Jam on pita chips, garlic toast or bagel bites.   Breakfast favorite – bagel, cream cheese topped with Simply Jam   Use Simply Jam to glaze your meats on the grill (chicken, pork, beef) – creations are endless!   Use Simply Jam as the sauce in your next stir fry dish!   Serve Simply Jam over ice cream.   Add some zest to your chicken wings with Simply Jam!   Cream cheese & Simply Jam – layered and heated in the microwave – serve with nacho chips. Simply Jam & Peanut Butter Sandwich.   Use Simply Jam instead of mustard or mayonnaise on your next sandwich.

10.Create your own Simply Jam dipping sauce for chicken tenders!

Any way you slice it, Simply Jam is simply wonderful and with so many ways to use our jam, you’re going to fall in love with our it. 

Stop and get your Simply Jam today!  Our jams are now being sold in local supermarkets.  You can find a complete list of stores that our jam is sold in at: 

Keep an eye out for our blog in the coming months with some fabulous recipes using Simply Jam!

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