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With QVC the World is at our feet…

So here we find ourselves at the tail end of the COVID pandemic (hopefully) and like 1000’s of businesses we have had to adapt our business model and try to come up with different sales channels as we still cannot give taste test samples out at any event that we attend and even if we could there is still a great deal of reluctance from the public to taste a sample for health reasons. That being said we have other avenues open to us and we have done pretty well selling from our online store when running promotions periodically.

We have attempted to sell on Amazon which has been a horrible experience for us to be totally honest. Having spent hours jumping through their hoops to have our brand registered and listing all of our products to then not being able to even find the products when we search for them using multiple different types of keywords and all that jazz is disappointing to say the least. Then we rewind to March of this year and we contact a family friend who has many contacts with various large retailers and has built a very successful electronics business predominately selling through QVC.

He has very kindly teamed up with us to help us get into QVC online and we are on target to launch our products on their online platform come July 1st. we are incredibly excited at the prospect of receiving orders and new lovers of our Jam’s all across the country and hopefully the world.

It has obviously come with its challenges to get to this point, from having to change our original barcode system to having numerous packaging prototypes fail QVC’s vigorous testing standards. We have had to put our heads into learning their product loading platform and also figure their shipping partners platform out too. I have to say at this point that their phone support is excellent compared to any of the other online major players out there. We have had all the help we need and we actually get to speak to a human, which is definitely a plus these days and not to be taken for granted.

Another first for us is we will be selling the jams in twin packs on QVC, which is great for more economical shipping costs for everyone. Also the shipping cost is built in to the listed price on their website. What could be easier?

QVC have built up a massive following over the years and are a trusted go to for 1000’s of Americans and helped jump many small businesses around the world making them hugely successful, we hope that the same applies to us.

So come July 1st we wait with bated breath and we hope that we will spend our days producing and shipping jam to the four corners of the globe and who knows we could be on our way to being a household name and everyone’s favorite jalapeno jam.

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